Photograph by Will Patrick


In an effort to bring more unique and thoughtful content to our site, we took a step back from Design Curiosities in 2016 to discuss its next iteration. When it began Steven was on the cusp of graduation and his first graphic design internship. I was pursuing a degree in biology and accreditation as a medical laboratory scientist. We collected and archived work there for years, and it was the catalyst for us working together.

We found our voice in the design community as Design Curiosities, and while it may seem counterintuitive, our change in name feels less limiting. Moving forward, we’re focusing on our studio and shop. Our blog will still exist, but in three forms. Long-form articles with meaningful content shared less frequently. In that respect, our priority will be in creating work or sharing content that has impacted us as creatives. A visual gallery of works and resources we find inspiring, and a journal where we share a collection of objects designed for our home, tried-and-true recipes, random recommendations, and noteworthy shop and studio updates.

In the end, taking a page from Tokuhiku and Hiromi, we hope to create things we genuinely think are good. We want to ensure quality is never compromised, and that our process is never rushed. We want to embrace challenges, find pleasure in small growth, and eschew trends. We want to advocate for our professional communities and for the city of Houston, our home. Most of all we hope to inspire curiosity in others, together.

Nicole and Steven