The Joy of Rabbits: A Tale of Three Rugs

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We had a really nice seagrass rug in the dining area of our eat-in kitchen for about two years. It was from Isle Crawford’s Sinnerlig collection at Ikea, and is the one in the original bunny hutch photographs. Recently and frustratingly, Eames took a liking to gnawing little holes in it. The rug was basically hay so I can’t blame him too much, but I can blame him for what happened to the next rug. I found what I thought was a nice substitute for our original rug at Ikea—the LOHALS. It was made out of jute, and was more tightly woven than the previous rug so he didn’t have any interest in chewing on it. However, he developed a major attitude problem after we laid this rug down, and in the weeks following he peed on the rug so many times I lost count. I scrubbed and scrubbed, and mistakenly used carpet cleaner on a couple of spots and completely bleached it out. We were able to salvage a small corner to use as a rug in our bathroom, but otherwise it was destroyed.

I’m not sure what took us so long in our rug search to think of Flor. They make carpet tiles that are modular—you can mix and match them into any configuration. They’re also easy to swap which was crucial, considering. We’ve never ordered a full rug from Flor before, but have ordered one or two squares to use as a cushy place for Eames to sit on in the past. We liked the sample we ordered so we purchased the appropriate number of tiles to fill the space with a couple extra to swap out when the inevitable happened.

And it did, and the spot cleaned up. We replaced the tile with a fresh one, and he hasn’t peed on the rug since. Thankfully.


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